Megan wren

“Like her spiritual parents Stevie Nicks and Paul McCartney, Megan’s songs have the melody and hooks to keep them in your head hours after you hear them.
 But it’s not all sweetness and light… [Megan] has often reduced listeners to tearful, stunned silence at her live shows. Megan Wren is a talented and honest force to be reckoned with and absolutely for real.” - WOUB Public Media

Megan Wren is the frontwoman, songwriter, and guitar player of her band of the same name, providing classic rock energy for the current day. Her music relies on her own truth and experiences, expressed in the forms of honest lyrics, energetic guitars, and stunning harmonies. Her current influences include the likes of Larkin Poe, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, and many more. Megan leads her community of Wrenegades, which includes everyone from her most devoted followers to newest audience members. The name is inspired by Megan’s values of owning your truth, going after what makes you happy, and upholding a sense of your community.

Megan grew up in Cincinnati, picking up the guitar at age eleven and beginning to perform publicly shortly after. Her teenage years were spent working at a local music store and expanding on her abilities as a vocalist, guitarist, and performer. She went on to study music production, releasing her debut 6-song EP Sympathetic Vibrations (2018) during her undergrad at Ohio University. Following the EP’s release, Megan played nearly eighty shows while completing her last year of school and also working as a recording engineer. Megan now lives in Athens, continuing to work as an engineer and producer, and traveling often to Cincinnati and elsewhere to work and perform with the band.

The current Megan Wren lineup features Megan, drummer Charlie Andrews, and guitarist Ryan Shephard (also of Cincinnati band Freak Mythology), and a few rotating bassists. They are currently getting ready for their summer Midwest dates.

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All dates are full band or specified solo/duo